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There comes a moment in life when our bodies can no longer resist what they call for, when our needs outweigh the narrative we’ve made up for ourselves. Barriers break down, habits become clear, and we make a change. That moment came for Andrew Gallagher at age 26 when, halfway through medical school, he realized he needed to make a decision that might overhaul his entire medical career: he needed to play more music. Soon after, Andrew picked up his guitar, left the medical field, and began to take his instrument a lot more seriously.
   Now a Portland-based songwriter, Gallagher’s begun his new project Mr. Monday - a name that nods to the relatable plight of Nine-to-Fivers finding their way. Plagued by white collar pressure, Mr. Monday’s songwriting explores themes of personal growth, releasing shame, uncovering romance, and trusting your instinct. 
   Mr. Monday’s first self-released EP, Gimme^8, tested out a diverse range of songwriting styles that captured a local audience at a modest sold-out show in February 2020. As the global pandemic gutted all live musical opportunities, Gallagher turned to social media to continue growing his audience. Many Instagram-live streams and song-shares later, Gallagher is ready to showcase two upcoming singles that show promise of what’s to come from this emerging songwriter.
   Gallagher’s new groovy single, “Helicopter Pilot” (out September 3rd, 2021), explores the feeling of pressure to find a steady career and give up what you may, perhaps, truly long to do with your time. “Kicking down the door on a dead-end drive / I’m screaming ‘I tried’ / If I’m eighty-five; if I have one last shake / I hope I don’t regret the risks I did not take.” A difficult emotion for us all to feel, and yet relatable as the sun does shine. 
   Mr. Monday will also release a sultry new track on September 3rd, 2021,  “Jordan Baker”, which plays on the idea of mystery in romance, and the unknowns that pull people together. Tasteful flute follows the song’s melody, while light hand-percussion mimics a fusion of jazz and Bossa Nova, giving the song an elegant, seductive feel.
   Gallagher clearly has valuable life experience he passionately pours into his indie-pop songwriting, and his new project Mr. Monday proves to be a sincere look into challenges that life throws at us all.


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